Monday, 21 March 2016

Interesting fact about life science in our daily life

Why people especially elders suggests us to study early in the morning and not at night?
Why study early morning is necessary?
Why not at night?
There is a big reason behind it………….

As we all know that life science i.e. Biology is the main part of science related to our life forms and living process. And we also know that cell is the basic unit of life.
Is anyone knows which cell is the largest cell in our body?
It is nerve cell or neuron.

Neuron helps in transmission of electric impulse (information).
In neuron, cell body contains certain granular bodies called Nissel granules which store the information.

At morning time, Nissel granules are maximum in number. So, the information acquired is remembered throughout the life span.
But at night, the Nissel granules are 20% as compared to morning time i.e. 80% less. So, the information acquired at night time is easily forgotten.
Students prefer to study at night especially before the examination. So, the information acquired is none at night.

Therefore, it is an advice from me for everyone especially for students that if you want to learn something by heart, then study early in the morning. The information that you gain is remember by you throughout your life. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Life is all about our second chance

I know you are thinking that it is just a simple dialogue of ABCD2. But, if we think deeply, then we can easily realize that it contains a deep meaning.

We, sometime, unable to do any work for the first time. Many problems might occur on the way like laziness which I think is the biggest problem, tiredness, lack of materials, etc. These types of problems sometimes leads to failure(when the work is done for the first time). Majority of people, at this time, thinks that it is not their cup of tea and they are unable to do that work again. So, they left that work. But, there are one more type of people, who starts doing hard work, learn from their previous mistakes, dedicated towards their work and completely focused on it. And when they tried it for the second time, they easily get success.

So, from the above passage, it is clear that failure doesn’t mean that the last chance is gone and we cannot do the work again. If we are dedicated and able to do hard work, then it is assured that we will definitely get success if we get a second chance.

So friends, don’t think that everything ends when you fail. There is always a second chance of success which is waiting for you, because life is all about our second chance.